Top 10 Recommended English-Speaking Dentists in Seoul, Korea
A list of the best English-speaking dentists in Seoul
U.S trained and licensed dental associates and specialists. English speaking dentists provides dental services such as  orthodontics, dental implants, teeth whitening, cosmetic dental care, general dentistry in comfortable and calm atmosphere. 
Dental treatment including teeth whitening,  general checkups, wisdom tooth removal and dental implants. 
US trained dentist and board certified orthodontist .

General dentistry services that include cleaning, whitening, fillings,  cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, ceramic braces, wisdom tooth extraction ,root canal, crown and bridge, veneers and dentures.
General dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, restorative dentistry and root canal treatment.
General and specialist dental care including dental implants and teeth whitening.
Dental clinic which services cleaning,  filling, root canal treatment, oral surgery, implant and more. 
One stop dental clinic. Dental clinic offering services including teeth whitening, dental implant,  cosmetic  dentistry.
How to Find the English-Speaking dentists in Seoul
There are a lot of English-speaking dentists in South Korea. About 40,000 dental clinics in total, which means there are literally dentist offices in every building you see on the street. Even for Koreans, it is quite difficult to find the right dentist for them. Most Koreans find their dentists by words of mouth, recommendations or online searches BUT for foreigners how do they find the right one?There were several scam cases so be aware when choosing the dental clinics.

Here are some tips to find the right English-speaking dentist in Korea.
1. Always get recommendations. This is the most trustworthy way to find the right one.
2. Don't pick the one that offers a big discount and hire celebrity to advertise their clinic.
3. Avoid dental clinics located in busy metro area with more than 10 dentists. We call this type of clinic, factory clinic. They tend to charge high price or very low price to attract many customers.
4. Check out how long the dental clinics have been around in the same location. This is a very important factor to determine whether they gained the local trust or not.

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